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How about the safety of the tent

ADD TIME: 2019-12-14 15:49
safety of the tent is very good, which is certain. The tent is between the tent and the house, and it can be comparable with the house in the case of high configuration.

When the tent manufacturers customize the caravan according to customers, they will comprehensively consider the durability and safety of the caravan. For example, small and medium-sized tents can be made of steel or aluminum alloy. Because of the small span, the self weight of the metal structure material has little influence on the safety performance. Generally, aluminum alloy is recommended for large-scale awning houses by manufacturers. Because of its span, the material of aluminum alloy can reduce the self weight of materials and increase the safety performance of awning houses.
In addition to improving the safety performance in materials, we will also add tie rods, diagonal braces and steel wire ropes for large-scale shelters or those with high demand for use to improve their safety performance.

The structure of the tent is stable and the safety performance is strong. It can be used for 8-10 years. If the caravan is purchased by the manufacturer, it is basically life-long. If parts and accessories need to be replaced in the later stage, it is OK to directly find the manufacturer of the caravan.