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Camping Food Ideas and Recipes

ADD TIME: 2019-04-18 16:14

Before you indulge yourself in our recipes, take a minute to read through our practical list of camping food tips that will help you plan out your meals, keeping waste to a minimum and time on your side.
Camping Snack Ideas
Camping Food Ideas and Recipes:

Start your meal planning by considering how many days youre going to be out camping. The bulk of the focus should always be on dry, non-perishable food that will last you till the very end of the trip.
Leave the fresh food and tricky cooking for the early days C the food will keep well up to this point and youll still be fresh enough to invest energy and dedication in cooking from scratch.
Try to pack food that isnt too heavy to carry around, as this will take a toll on you until you start using up your edible supplies. Cans full of liquid food should ideally be kept to a minimum as they will weigh you down considerably if you pile on too many of them.
For food that needs to be kept at a low temperature, cool bags and boxes are the best option. Remember, however, that cooler bags and boxes are not refrigerators and food stored in them can only be stored at an optimal temperature for a day or so.
Dry food can be kept in your rucksack, but its good practice to wrap in a separate sealed plastic bag or two to prevent spills, cross-contamination and your weeks clothes becoming soup-scented.
Remember to consider the equipment and utensils youll be needing too. Drinks are an integral part of your nutrition while camping, so dont skimp on these. Water is essential, and if you plan on undertaking demanding physical activities, a sports drink or two wouldnt go amiss. If youre dreading the added weight, hydration packs offer a good compromise for their volume capacity.